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Choosing the right treatment can be frustrating for medical practitioners as most wound care systems in the market are not designed to address the complexities of different wound types.

Rapid Nexus simplifies the wound treatment with Hemastyl Rx® Wound dressing, a nanoparticle formulation that treats wounds of all types, including severe ones that have previously been non-responsive to standard products and treatment.

Compared with existing chronic wound treatments, patients with co-morbidities treated with Hemastyl Rx® Wound dressing formulation enjoy a more effective treatment, reducing hospitalizations which often lead to amputations.

How Rapid Nexus wound healing system works

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A nanotechnology wound gel dressing formulation that has shown to be effective in chronic wound healing of non-healing and hard to heal wounds. It has shown to promote self-debridement and its nanoparticle composition of silver plus + (a proprietary formulation consisting of 3 varieties of nanoparticles), naturally reduce bacterial bioburden.
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A therapeutic heating device equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that increase the local blood circulation in order to accelerate the body’s reaction to Hemastyl Rx®. Therapeutic Gen-Ray® not only increases local blood circulation to speed up healing, it also relieves minor pain and stiffness in the treatment area.
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The therapeutic heating properties of Gen-Ray® work best with Derma Light Tape which covers the wound securely.
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Tissue Massager helps the healthcare professional with the massage of Hemastyl Rx® onto a wound's surrounding tissue.
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Meanwhile, our Derma Air-Flo Compression Tape helps the Hemastyl Rx® Moist wound dressing set in for proper absorption.

A simplified approach

Rapid Nexus simplifies local wound care with a wound healing system that addresses the complicated needs of wound patients. Hemastyl-R® is a self-debriding dressing that maintains a proper moist wound healing environment, controls bacterial bioburden within the gel wound dressing and contains hyaluronic acid which donates moisture to the cells, connects fibrin to build skin matrix effectively.

Hemastyl-R® Wound dressing formulation is a breakthrough technology that effectively manages severe wounds and diminishes the need for additional surgical intervention for some patients. We have simplified the treatment method to help physicians aid more patients and save more lives in the process.

Our Rapid Nexus home kits are designed to allow doctors to treat patients via telemedicine.

Effective, accelerated healing

Rapid Nexus is an effective clinical treatment for all wound types and 
non-healing chronic wounds .

Skin Ulcers

  • Non-healing pressure ulcers (NHPUs)
  • Venous ulcers (VUs)
  • Arterial ulcers (AUs)
  • Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs)

Chronic wounds

  • Infectious wounds
  • Ischemic wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Radiation poisoning wounds

Why Hemastyl-R® Wound dressing formulation is best for your patient

Study Cases

Examples of severe lower extremity non-healing chronic wounds before and after treatment with the Hemastyl Rx® with the Hemastyl-R® Wound gel dressing composition. The wounds include vascular and diabetic ulcers with severe peripheral blood circulation dysfunction and/or severe necrosis.

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