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The Rapid Nexus wound treatment system has been proven more effective to treat a variety of chronic and nonhealing wounds during our extensive clinical research.

<i class="no">1</i>Hemastyl Rx®
<i class="no">2</i>Gen-Ray®
<i class="no">3</i>Tissue Massager
<i class="no">4</i>Derma Firm Air-Flo <br/><span class="prod-sub-title">  Compression Tape (Paper)</span>
<i class="no">5</i>Derma Air-Flo <br/><span class="prod-sub-title">  Compression Tape<span>
<i class="no">6</i>Derma Light Tape
A nanotechnology wound gel dressing formulation that has shown to be effective in chronic wound healing of non-healing and hard to heal wounds. It has shown to promote self-debridement and its nanoparticle composition of silver plus + (a proprietary formulation consisting of 3 varieties of nanoparticles), naturally reduce bacterial bioburden.
A therapeutic heating device equipped with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that increase the local blood circulation in order to accelerate the body’s reaction to Hemastyl Rx®. Therapeutic Gen-Ray® not only increases local blood circulation to speed up healing, it also relieves minor pain and stiffness in the treatment area.
Helps the healthcare professional massage Hemastyl Rx® onto a wound’s surrounding tissue.

Derma Firm Air-Flo is a highly comfortable and very effective breathable compression tape that keeps the Hemastyl Rx® dressing secure during the healing process. As it is made of paper material, it is hypoallergenic and can be used without fear of skin…

Derma Air-Flo is a highly comfortable and very effective breathable compression aid that secures the Hemastyl Rx® dressing, even on challenging areas. It conforms readily and stretches easily in any direction to accommodate swelling and promote…

Derma Light Tape is a gentle, secure adhesion tape that assists during Gen-ray® treatment. It covers the treated wound securely while allowing the therapeutic heating properties of Gen-Ray® to relieve minor pain and stiffness in the treatment …

Clinically proven​

In our pilot studies/observations based on 5 large nonhealing leg wounds that were open between 2 to 8 years, our treatment closed 96% of the wound area in as little as 7 weeks.

Chronic wound closure rate with the Hemastyl Rx® Wound dressing formulation.

Closure rate of five patients with non-healing vascular and diabetic leg chronic wounds over time after receiving the Hemastyl Rx® Wound dressing formulation treatment.

Case studies

Patients aged from 39 years old to 79 years old with 2 to 8 years non-healing wounds. Three out of five patients were at least 65 years old with diabetic comorbidities. One patient was 37 years old and obese, with a cardiovascular co-morbidity. One patient was 56 with heart failure co-morbidities.

All cases that were treated with Hemastyl Rx® Wound dressing’s formulation showed virtual closure of the wound area, with healing time ranging from 7 to 40 weeks.

The healing period may be attributed to the size of the wound area, depth, and severity of wound complications. Hemastyl Rx® Wound dressing formulation has had no adverse effects and has proven efficacious in patients with co-morbidities.

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