Unveiling the Silent Epidemic: Chronic & Diabetic Wounds

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Suffer from chronic wounds
each year


amputations daily

Every 20 seconds, a limb is
amputated due to chronic

0 %

mortality rate

Patients die after five years of the
first amputation

Our Revolutionary Treatment, Closing Chronic Wounds

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Hemastyl® wound gel composition is a new effective approach to wound healing

The composition contains the Hemastyl® proprietary blend of nanoparticles, nanonutrients, and collagen for structural support. The gel composition also contains hyaluronic acid, a clear substance found naturally in the body that retains water to keep tissues well lubricated and moist.

Patient Case Studies

Repair of multi-year-old non-healing chronic wounds using Hemastyl® Treatment. Our groundbreaking formula accelerates the healing process, promoting cell regeneration and reducing inflammation.

Led by doctors,
scientists, innovators

Rapid Nexus is a dedicated group of leaders and innovators in the life sciences scene who are pushing the limits of what is possible in  chronic wound treatment

What sets us apart

Rapid Nexus’ wound management system leverages the power of nanomaterials and laser therapy to help facilitate chronic wound healing.

  • Reduces scraping (debridement)
  • Controls infection
  • Promotes the local restoration of circulation
  • Stimulates proper tissue growth
  • Promotes more effective healing
  • Helps prevent amputations
Discover how our products can support
wound healing and how you can have
access to treatment.
Find out how you can integrate our innovative
wound healing solution into your patient’s
treatment protocol.

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Effective, accelerated healing

Rapid Nexus is an effective clinical treatment for all wound types and 
non-healing chronic wounds .

Skin Ulcers

  • Non-healing pressure ulcers (NHPUs)
  • Venous ulcers (VUs)
  • Arterial ulcers (AUs)
  • Diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs)

Chronic wounds

  • Infectious wounds
  • Ischemic wounds
  • Surgical wounds
  • Radiation poisoning wounds

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