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Tissue Regeneration
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BioRegenTech is a regenerative medicine company
specializing in rapid tissue regeneration and rejuvenation


Creating life-changing solutions by merging science with technology. The use of clinical procedures to repair or replace damaged or diseased tissues is now made possible through regenerative medicine. Advances in life sciences have made traditional treatment strategies that only treat symptoms nearly obsolete. It’s a very exciting time for medicine and we’re happy to be part of this revolution in treatment that can save millions of lives around the world.

We’ve only just begun.

After the success in clinical tests of our wound-healing system, we are now sharing the technology with the world. But while we are giving patients a new lease on life and helping doctors provide better treatment methods, we know there is more work to be done.

Right now, we are continuously developing other solutions in the field of regenerative medicine. In improving the lives of people, we welcome all the help we can get.

If you want to find out more about our work, feel free to reach us here.

BioRegenTech innovations

BioRegenTech’s creation was inspired by a gentleman who lost all his limbs due to amputation. Today, our proprietary core technology facilitates a number of applications including wound healing, aesthetics, sports medicine, surgery and periodontics.

Rapid Nexus Healing System

Advanced treatment for acute to non-healing chronic wounds and ensuing amputations.

Anti-aging & Aesthetics

Effective skin treatment that clears discoloration, improves texture, and more.

Peripheral Vasculature

Modern solutions for improved vasculature and blood flow.

Sports Medicine

Innovative medication that improves skin, muscle, tendon and bone regeneration.
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BioRegenTech on the
Good Luck Club

Dr. Margaret Kalmeta was a guest on the Good Luck Club, where she discussed the formation of BioRegentech and the technologies that the company has developed. At the time of the interview, Dr. Kalmeta and the BioRegentech team completed a 25-month international chronic wound project and successfully transferred its technology: successfully tested all prototypes of advanced wound medical devices, active substrates, and the associated protocols. This work was a dedication to humanity to prevent one of humanity’s greatest suffering, limb amputations.